CSP offers security consulting and security design and engineering services to governments and large business firms. Active mainly in physical security, CSP has the capacity to interact efficiently with other fields of expertise related to security.

Security consulting

Our expertise rests on an exclusive approach based on a rigorous risk assessment and a global loss control process.

CSP develops, with its clients, management strategies based on the “total quality” principles. This approach has the advantages of establishing safe environment promoting the reduction of incidents and losses as well as improving the organization position in regard to its legal obligations.

Furthermore, in carrying out its mandates, CSP takes into consideration various standards and directives recognized in the industry such as the Government Security Policy (at the Federal level), the Ontario Public Service (OPS) Physical Security Operating Policy, the RCMP Security Guidelines, the Canadian Labour Code, the provincial and national building and/or construction codes, the Ontario Ministry of Government Services TRA methodology as well as the various applicable access to information and privacy acts.

Our Services

  • Security diagnosis, study and annual security operational audit including compliance analysis to the Federal Government Security Policy and/or other governmental industry-related security standards
  • Threat and risk assessment, and vulnerability analysis
  • Elaboration of security master plans
  • Functional programming of security requirements
  • Design and evaluation of security programs (systems and operations)
  • Security architectural planning
  • Management process revision
  • Organizational security development
  • Drafting of policies, plans and procedures for routine and emergency operations
  • Training and awareness
  • Financial planning and costs/benefits ratio analysis

Security design and engineering

CSP has developed highly researched skills in many areas, allowing a new dimension to be brought to the security of facilities and individuals.

Unlike other building systems such as HVAC, plumbing, lighting or fire systems, security systems are not an end in itself, they are a support to the operations for these organizations.

The concept of security is not driven by technology or codes, but by a set of principles directly tied to the process and management of an organization, defines by vulnerabilities, threats and risks generated by the type of organization, the assets to protect and the general environment of the organization which will elevate or minimize risks.

Therefore the strategists proposed by CSP will not only help control losses, they will also enhance the effectiveness of your security measures and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Our Services

  • Advisory services, feasibility studies or preliminary design
  • Preparatory studies, technical and functional programs
  • Economic studies and project costing
  • Surveys of existing works
  • Preliminary (or outline) plans and specifications
  • Final (or detailed) plans and specifications
  • Technical and functional specifications of security components and systems
  • Architectural hardware coordination
  • Design of security control room layouts and equipment console ergonomics
  • Preparation of plans and schematics
  • Preparation of call-for-tender documents
  • Supplier qualification, issuance and bid monitoring
  • Bid analysis, contract negotiation and administration
  • Services during construction
  • Cost control and change management
  • Security system software functional validation and personalization
  • Verification, testing and commissioning of security systems
  • Technical evaluation and life cycle analysis of security systems and technologies
  • Development of security standards
  • PréparatPreparation of operational and maintenance procedures for security systems