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Security systems and equipment integration

As an independent firm, void of affiliation to any security products supplier, SMi CSP ensures above all that its clients get the most out of their investments.

SMi CSP has always aimed to achieve optimal integration of the best solutions available on the market in both of our expertise, which consist of consultation as well as design and engineering. This would be attained by offering concepts including security systems and equipment that specifically meet your needs. Our objective is to improve the performance of business, personnel and facility in order to promote more effective execution of your primary tasks.

SMi CSP performs the integration of the following security systems and Equipment :

  Access control and intrusion detection
  Video monitoring
  Electromechanical and life safety system interface
 Explosive, CBRN and drug detection and countermeasures

  Exterior and/or perimeter intrusion detection
  Hard wire and wireless communication and data transmission
  Vehicule control/parking management